Daniela La Luz is a live act, producer and co-owner of the record label "Parallel Berlin". Her track "Did You Ever" was recently featured on Moodyman's DJ mix for "DJ Kicks" on K7. In the last two years Danielas productions made it into the record bags of high profile DJ´s such as Sven Väth, Moodymann, DVS1, Guy Gerber, tINI, Dana Ruh, Solomun and Marcel Dettmann. In 2015 "Feel The Future" was featured on tINI´s DJ mix for Cocoon Ibiza.

With an incredible rich background of different styles of music Daniela has created a personal style that defines her sound, playing hot and pumping live sets. 

Daniela´s sets and productions expand the boundaries of understanding house and techno music to new horizons. By processing a colorful range of various kinds of electronic music genres, Daniela is proving her uncompromising diversity on the dancefloor. Due to her massive output in music production, her repertoire of sounds in her live set is huge and makes it easy for her to adapt spontaneously to the current mood of house, techno and it´s shades.

In 2010 Daniela won the "QWARTZ 6 Electronic Music Award" in the cathegory "Dancefloor & Clubbing" in Paris (FR), with her track "EllE Routine" (released on the VA Compilation Musik Non Stop Uno from the label Syncopated Musik / Minneapolis / US).

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Beside the release of two albums and several EP´s, tracks and remixes on labels like Rawax, Housewax, Chiwax, Cocoon, Souvenir Records and more.
Since Daniela is an passionate and addicted producer and music lover, there´s much more to come


(this part is will be updated soon)

Born and raised in München, father german, mother polish, one younger sister.

One of the very first moments Daniela got striked by the love for music, was in the age of four when she watched a polish communistic movie, where the polish folklore group "Mazowsze" was singing and performing. From then on Daniela started singing the songs out loud, sitting at the open window of her grandma.

In 1994 Daniela got a Rotterdam Techno mixtape into her hands, which was her first contact with electronic dance music.
The first contact with clubbing and house music happened in 1994 with tINI (Desolat) at a school excursion to Prague/CZ. From there on Daniela started buying & collecting different mixtapes, from House to Trip Hop to Drum´n Bass and became a radio addict as well.

Armed already with the vinyls of her parents, Daniela started in 1996 visiting record shops regularly for listening and buying vinyl. 1999 was the year where a Drum´n Bass DJ career could´ve started, but Daniela was not passionate enough about DJing. In the same year Daniela bought her first accoustic guitar, locked herself for three days and learned to play the basic chords. During the same time Daniela got influenced by the weekly clubbing in Munichs legendary clubs "Ultraschall" and "Natraj Tempel". Also seeing Daftpunk performing their first album "Homework"impressed her deeply.

Danielas love for music does not know any borders, she´s listening/collecting all kinds of music, from Jazz to Hip Hop to Swing to Hardcore to Classic to Folklore to Punk to Soul and back - music must simply transport a good & special vibe, or at best, a message.

In spite of the electronic music influences Daniela had collected, her first active step into live music didn´t led directly to electronic music. Influenced as well by Psychedelic, Rock, Ska and Punk, Daniela founded in 2000 her first band where she was busy as songwriter/lead singer. In 2004 she recorded her first album with this band. Until 2007 Daniela was active in different bands, performing Indie, Punk, 60´s, Crossover and Hardcore. During her time in the bands she learned in an autidactical way to play several instruments, to sing and to write whole arrangements for songs in different genres.

Frustrated of too less output, 2007 was the year where Daniela decided to cancel playing with bands and did her first steps in homerecording, with the approach to just record scribbles of written songs. But meanwhile, unaware, she began to discover music out of a producers perspective. Quickly she noticed that this way of making music increased her output enourmusly.

In the same year Daniela & tINI found each other back after a cool schooltime back & started to hang out again. Daniela joined tINI to several gigs and in this way the amount of electronic music in her life grew again and reanimated her passion. This was the determining factor that made her focus on electronic music production, with pleasure and love. Danielas firstl electronic solo gig was as a guest of tINI´s (Desolat) birthday party in München in 2007.

In 2009 she won a remix contest for COMA on Firm Records and in 2010 a QWARTZ 6 ELECTRONIC MUSIC AWARD in the cathegory "Dancefloor & Clubbing" in Paris/FR, with her track ELLE ROUTINE (released on the VA Compilation Musik Non Stop Uno from the label Syncopated Musik / Minneapolis / US).

In september 2010 tINI invited Daniela to play together with her and Magda at the USHUAIA Beach Club in Ibiza / ES.

Danielas Live-Sets are a bundle of clean, worked out elements and beats - alternating with honest, pumping, deep and pure moods, always using her own vocals.

In 2011 finally her first EP (People Happy) got pressed on 12" vinyl, (Label: Moody Heights, sublabel from Other Heights/Belgium) and earned support from tINI, Adam Port, Steffi, Mr. Statik, Hrdvsion, Dario Zenker, Scott Ferguson, Ev Freska, Yoav B, Moodymanc, Alex Flatner, etc. ...

People Happy (The Essential Voyage) EP is a timeless crunchy house groove, with her approach to remind people about the aim in life to be happy. On the B side you find And I Say Yes I Want, a super deep, dubby and melodic track. This EP became a proof that Danielas future as a serious taken producer looks bright.

Danielas second vinyl (Simply Everywhere) got released on White Rabbit Recordings/Italy. This one contains as well a crunchy house groove, reminding of Chicago House. On this track Daniela sings about love from the first meeting. Jorge Savoretti added a dubby remix. The other two tracks on this EP (Morning Fogg Jazz, Two Planets Like Earth) are between 112 and 115 bpm, but nevertheless both have enough dynamics and deep moods to impress.

In 2013 RAWAX picked her up and she signed.

In summer 2013 the album-pre-sampler "Pistol Star" and her 2x12" debut album "Based On Electriticy" got released, which is as well the first longplayer RAWAX brought out. The pre-sampler as well as the album show a wider spectrum of Danielas productions, showcasing her uncompromising diversity. Both releases earned great feedbacks worldwide.

For 2014 Daniela signed another album for the Rawax/DBH family, which will this time be released on their sublabel HOUSEWAX.

Other projects are on their wayl.

Daniela has played all over europe, in Tunis and Taiwan. Wherever she performed, her music left a deep impact. As you can expect from a busy and passionate musician like Daniela, there´s much more to come.